About Us

Garden School was founded in 1923 to meet the need for a high-quality, independent school in Queens. This mission remains unchanged as the faculty and administration work to offer the student body the best possible education in an atmosphere where both individual goals and those of the community are respected and nurtured.

At the center of Garden School is the curriculum. Yet the context in which that curriculum unfolds distinguishes us from other schools—the context of small classes in a small school; of freedom from bureaucracy; of carefully focused college counseling; of a professional and caring relationship among teachers, students, parents, and administrators; of a passionate dedication to education rather than to the politics of education; of a firm commitment to understand, interpret, and present each student as an individual; of recognizing when growth is part of a child’s intellectual development; of building a curriculum based on the highest university standards; and, finally, of knowing when to encourage and support risk-taking in students.

Garden School’s low tuition, compared with that for other independent schools in the metropolitan New York area, makes it an affordable option to a broad spectrum of families. Our student body, reflecting the ever-changing population of Queens, enhances the learning process through an inherent and ongoing cultural exchange. Located in Jackson Heights, Queens, which is one of the most diverse areas of New York City, Garden School is easily accessible to students from most of the city and Long Island.