Headmaster’s Welcome

Headmaster's Welcome When you choose a school for your child, you place your trust in the institution’s promise to offer the best academic, social, physical and personal development in an environment that will recognize your child both as an individual and as a valued community member. Outside of the family, the school is the primary group within which your child will pass the most formative years of life. It is critical that you find the place that offers your child and your family the most positive involvement, consistent support and the highest quality and diversity of influences. We work with all of

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Global Classrooms

Global Classrooms Model UN returns to Garden School this year for students in grades 9-12, reestablishing Garden’s long-standing tradition of participating in this exciting program. An informational meeting will be held during the first week of school.

90 Years Never Looked So Good

This year Garden School celebrates its 90th Anniversary which adds to our commitment to support, sustain and expand our mission to educate all of our children and help them develop into thinking, feeling and socially responsible adults. Schools are all about possibility, and nothing embodies that possibility more than the opening of our school.

Headmaster’s Blog

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