1. What does the Annual Fund do?
    • Strives to close the gap between tuition and the cost of a Garden education
    • Maintains the Garden tradition of excellence in academics, arts, athletics, character and service
    • Enables Garden to offer meaningful opportunities through a wide variety of programs
    • Ensures Garden attracts and retains talented teachers who inspire a passion for learning
    • Supports the unique Garden experience!
      • Academic Excellence
      • Small Class Size
      • Enriched Education with World Travel
      • Effective Faculty, Student, and Parent Partnerships
      • Integrated Technology
      • Character Development
      • Service Learning
      • Early College Counseling
  2. I already pay tuition. Why does Garden School need more money?
    • Garden strives to keep tuition affordable for our families. Tuition covers an estimated 80% of the cost of educating a student. This is in keeping with the practice of other independent schools.
  3. How does the Annual Fund effect the Teachers’ Holiday Gift Fund?
    • The Holiday Gift Fund continues just as it has in the past. It is a PTA tradition at Garden that they sponsor a Holiday Gift Fund for teachers at the holiday time. This is a means of appreciating our teachers. The Annual Fund is a Board of Trustees-sponsored initiative that will serve to fill the gap between what tuition covers and the full cost of educating our children at Garden.
  4. Isn’t fundraising the PTA’s job?
    • The PTA’s role is to support the school in numerous ways, including fundraising for faculty appreciation and special events for the students. Each year, your contributions to the PTA’s fundraisers help to finance those activities. The PTA efforts do not directly target the core operating budget of the school. This is the role of the Annual Fund.
  5. Doesn’t the Gala raise enough money to cover the gap?
    • At independent schools, including Garden, an annual Gala is a critical component of fundraising as well as an event that builds our community spirit. However, it doesn’t fully cover the gap.
  6. Can’t Garden apply for grants from foundations?
    • Yes, once we are able to demonstrate that a large percentage of families, alumni, faculty, and board members are consistently contributing.
  7. I wish I could help, but things are financially tight right now.
    • Participation in the Annual Fund is what is most important. Each gift, no matter what amount, will help us attain a high participation rate, which is key to qualifying for grant money.
  8. Can I donate using a credit card?