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Early Learning Building Blocks

A child entering nursery school, a pre-K program, or kindergarten is taking his or her first steps along an educational path that will continue through high school and beyond. At Garden School, we take those steps seriously while our youngest learners laugh with joy and express wonder through play, hands-on experience, and the building blocks of more formalized learning.


This is achieved through multi-sensory experiences and reinforcement of letters and sound, as well as the expression of ideas and feelings through imaginative play, making choices, and group projects. Writing and reading words, sentences, and stories are emphasized with each successive year and regular encounters with literature provide a familiar interactive framework and new vocabulary.


Exposure to numbers and counting, sorting, patterns, comparisons, estimation, sequence, and logic is designed to stimulate early analytical thinking. Basic addition and subtraction begin in kindergarten, as does introduction to computers.

Fine-Motor Skills

Manipulatives, coloring, cutting, and tracing as well as basic cooking, assembling of projects, and an emphasis on writing all combine to prepare your child for lower-division learning.

Social Studies

Children continue to discover the world outside of them by learning about maps, holidays, traditions, our shared and different cultures, current events, school and community, neighbors and friends, family, and self—all enriched by singing and movement, cooking, dramatic play, and art projects.


Provides a fun and hands-on introduction to the human body, our senses, plants and animals, seasons and elements, colors, mixtures, temperature, magnets, spectrums, and magnification.


Young learners are introduced to the basic elements of expression, rhythm, form, melody, and timbre; songs that reflect a variety of styles, cultures, and historic periods; performance on classroom instruments; good early vocal habits; and individual, class, and division performances.


Self-expression and fine-motor skills come together through use of color, drawing, painting, and murals. Children are further motivated by learning about famous artists and their styles.


Children learn conversational Mandarin for greeting, counting, and singing songs. They are introduced to Chinese culture and traditions and play games and eat special foods.

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