ELA Math Key Club Garden School Class of 2014

Upper Division

The Upper Division at Garden School encompasses grades 7 to 12. The classes are small, averaging 15 students, yet it is not only our small class size that defines Garden but also the atmosphere within those classes. Middle school and high school classes provide students with the opportunity to have interpersonal relationships with their teachers, individual attention and mentoring, and meaningful educational experiences.

Garden School’s educational philosophy stresses learning for learning’s sake. Our students are taught that no one can know everything but that they have the ability and teacher support to learn anything, be it on their own, as part of a team project, or as a contributor to their class, grade, or the school as a whole.

Our academic plan for students includes study of the five major academic disciplines—English, social studies/history, mathematics, science, and foreign language. Starting in grade 9, students are part of our detailed and targeted college planning program. Through the years, students follow a continuum of courses that prepares them for the college application process.

There is more to life than academics at Garden School. Periods are set aside each afternoon for supplementary help in every subject. Clubs tap into our students’ desire for community service values and socialization over shared interests. Our athletic program is exciting, vibrant, and important to many of our students, with three seasons of varsity sports—soccer, volleyball, boys’ and girls’ basketball, tennis, and softball—and participation in the Girls’ and the Boys’ Independent School Athletic League.

Upon graduation, Garden School students are ready to move out into the world as caring, knowledgeable people.

Upper Division Highlights

  • Accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Small class sizes of 18 or fewer
  • Vertical curriculum design for academic continuity through Grade 12
  • College counseling with 99%+ acceptance
  • 7 advanced placement courses
  • Choice of 2 world languages, French or Spanish
  • Choice of high school elective courses
  • Robotics & 3-D printing
  • SmartBoard Technology, classroom computers, laptops and computer center
  • Model U.N. & debate teams
  • 7 interscholastic varsity sports for boys & girls
  • International and domestic educational travel
  • Student Council & Key Club
  • Leadership and community service options
  • Grades and assignments available online
  • Full-time with extended day/clubs/enrichment classes until 6pm
  • Daily supervised recess and community events build spirit and support a healthy social environment
  • Full-time Registered Nurse
  • Hot lunch available
  • Garden School buses offering door-to-door transportation

    Grades 7 and 8

    Preparation for the transition to Garden School high school

    Daily contact with Middle School Dean

    Departmentalized classes with specialists in core subjects

    Daily academic classes-English, history/social studies, mathematics, science and language

    Extensive Writing Program with Writing Process, grammar and research reports

    Science laboratory for Life Science and Physical Science

    Physical education twice per week in gymnasium with specialized teachers

    Music and Movement semester with classes twice per week

    Art skills, history and appreciation semester with classes twice per week in well-appointed studio

    Grades 9–12

    Rigorous curriculum, clubs and activities

    Five academic courses required each year

    Departmentalized classes with specialists in core subjects

    Daily academic classes-English, history, mathematics, science and language

    Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses in all academic departments

    Extensive Electives for grades 11–12

    Extensive Writing Program and research reports

    Language Institute classes daily – Students choose either Spanish or French

    Physical education twice per week in gymnasium with specialized teachers

    Well-appointed studio with courses in Renaissance, Impressionism and Portfolio Art

    SmartBoard Technology, classroom computers, lap tops and computer center

    League sports teams for boys and girls (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball)

    Lectures and seminars with professionals

    Full club program

    Three seasons of varsity sports

    Boys and Girls Independent School Athletic Leagues

    International group trips