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Lower Division

Students in the Lower Division (Grades 1 to 6) at Garden School experience the right blend of academic focus and the additional specialists classes that is characteristic of our Lower Division Curriculum.

Students thrive in small classrooms because they receive a greater degree of individual attention. That’s the key advantage of a Garden School education: higher academic standards combined with an environment conducive to scholastic excellence.

At Garden School, we know personalized attention helps realize academic potential. We believe in recognizing students for who they are, and in cultivating their unique identity to better awaken intellectual curiosity and inspire independent thinking. The right education makes a difference not only in grades and test scores; it makes a difference for life.

The elementary years are marked by improved reading, writing, and analytical skills, as well as a solid base of knowledge. These skills sharpen as students become more independent under the guidance of teachers who, because of smaller class sizes and a commitment to personalizing education, understand the strengths and uniqueness of each of their students.

Garden School fosters an appreciation for individual talents and the cultures of all people through social studies, language study, fine art, music, and physical education. Garden School also offers after-school extra-help sessions and enrichment studies, all of which further stimulate a love of learning in our students.

Lower Division Highlights

  • One class per grade with core teacher
  • Student-faculty ratio of 6:1 with a maximum of 18 students
  • Vertical curriculum design for continuity through Grade 12
  • Two annual drama/music productions
  • Socialization activities and daily recess
  • Character Education Program based on school values
  • Full-time with Extended Day starting as early as 7:45 and enrichment classes until 6pm
  • Full-time Registered Nurse
  • Hot lunch available
  • Garden School buses offering door-to-door transportation

    Grades 1-3

  • Reading Program with core teacher and Reading Specialist
  • Mathematics manipulatives program and hands-on science activities
  • Extensive writing program with writing process and research reports
  • Social Studies lessons including cultural appreciation and geography skills
  • Hands-on Science activities in laboratory with science specialist
  • Language Institute –Mandarin classes three times a week taught by specialist
  • Physical education four times a week with classroom and specialist teachers in gymnasium
  • Music and movement activities twice a week taught by specialist teacher
  • Art skills classes twice weekly, history and appreciation in well-appointed studio
  • Weekly chess class in Grades 1 and 2 taught by specialist teacher
  • Socialization activities and daily recess; Outdoor play space with organic planting garden
  • Neighborhood and local field trips supporting classroom instruction
  • SmartBoard technology, weekly technology class in computer center, classroom computers

    Grades 4-6

  • Daily morning and afternoon homeroom period
  • Departmentalized classes with specialists in core subjects
  • Ability-grouped instruction in separate locations with teacher for each group
  • Extensive Writing Program with Writing Process, grammar and research reports
  • Hands-on Science activities in laboratory with science specialist
  • Language Institute – French classes twice per week
  • SmartBoard Technology, classroom computers and computer center instruction
  • Music and Movement classes twice per week with specialist
  • Art skills, history and appreciation classes once per week in well-equipped studio
  • Physical education three times per week with specialized teachers in gymnasium
  • Swimming pool available weather permitting
  • Competitive Lego Robotics and Debate Teams
  • Day and overnight field trips